Welcome to Solo in South Sudan. My name is Helena Quinn from Abbeyfeale in Co. Limerick living in London. 

In 2013, I sent an email that would change my life forever. I embarked on the journey of a lifetime to Narus in South Sudan to live with Fr. Tim Galvin and Fr. John Joe Garvey and to get a taste of missionary life.

I was the maths teacher in St. Bakhita Girls primary school and on my second day was promoted to the lofty position of Headmistress of the Standard 8 candidate class.

I fell in love with South Sudan as many kawajas do. I loved the simplicity of life, the depth of feeling and the joy and hope that was to be found there.

In August 2015 I returned to a country much changed by the outbreak of the civil war in December 2013.

This is my record of my life and experience in South Sudan. It is my way of sharing but also my way of remembering. 

I hope you enjoy my journal and if you do, if something here tugs on your sensibilities, please take a minute to drop me a note.

Ejok loi

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Helena, are you in S. Sudan now–or have you been recently? I’m with New Community Project, and we provide scholarships for some of the girls at Blessed Bakhita, and was most recently there Feb before last.



    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for your note. I am currently in London but still very much “joined at the heart” with the girls of St. Bakhita. I hope that you enjoyed your time there as much as I did.

      Very best,


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