All ready for sports day!

A very quick update because I’m all excited! Tim went to Torit this week and thankfully returned safely but tired this afternoon but not before doing a little shopping for provisions and for this present for me! 

It is a punishing drive of about 6 hours on bad and dangerous roads. I had armed him on Monday before he left with two packets of cigarettes. (Nana if you are reading this, I found them on the airplane and they’re definitely not mine!) I figured that if the car was stopped on the way, the cigarettes would be useful in negotiations. Anyway, thankfully they weren’t needed and the journey both ways was fine.

Tim returned with this amazing present for me. Now I’m all ready for tomorrow’s sports day at the school!!

And, I’ll be able to wear it when I’m shouting for South Sudan in the Olympics now that they will be able to enter teams in the future.

Ole South Sudan!!


4 thoughts on “All ready for sports day!”

  1. Thought for a minute you had started a South Sudan football team with that fine jersey you’re wearing. Keep safe – keep happy. xx

    1. There is already a South Sudan football team and a great documentary which Simon has posted a link to. Enjoy it with Mike 🙂 love to you and thank you for keeping an eye on me!!

  2. Helena, your post and the comment above made me think about that film (Coach Zoran and his African Tigers) that I came across on BBC2 and recommended to you when I was working with you. ( , but I suspect your internet their might not be good enough to watch videos) . Love the updates

    1. I watched it a few months ago. I’m actually going to try and load it tomorrow evening so Tim can watch it. I loved it and could really associate with Coach Zorans challenges!! Thanks for sending the link, that makes life much easier 🙂

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