Sunday Mass in Kamai

Kamai is a village about 55 miles from Narus. That 55 miles takes just under 2 hours over dirt tracks and dry river beds. Tim had arranged to say Mass there so I tagged along for the ride.

There is no church but a number of small villages share a place of prayer. There is a small clearing under on the bank of the river. Two large trees provide shade to mass goers. We were first to arrive so we drove to the villages to round up the troops.

The children walked beating drums and singing hymns in their local Toposa language. They could be heard from all around so others joined the procession to Mass. In one of the pictures below you can see some of the children walking along the dry riverbed to our place of prayer.

In all I think about 80 people attended Mass under the tree. Fr. Tim celebrated mass in Toposa.

Here are some pictures.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Mass in Kamai”

  1. Hi Helena, Julie O’B here. We have been following your blog and sharing some of it with the boys at school. We might arrange you to visit us when you get home to tell them all about your journey. Tell Fr. Tim I said Hi and that I can assure him that Sam is nice and cosy on the banks of the Liffey and has no intention of returning to Kerry anytime soon!!!!, I’m sure he’s in mourning there at Tomás Ó Sé’s retirement. Stand well back when you tell him that!!! Take care of yourself and well done.

    1. Hello Julie! That last message was from Fr. Tim. He very firmly said “no comment” when I mentioned Sam!! I will be in Ireland on the second weekend in November. It would be lovely to see you! Helena xxx

  2. Love your picture of the children in colourful clothes carrying the cross – what a wonderful thing you are doing. Life, for you & for them will never be the same again. Come back safe and sound.
    Much love Caroline

    1. Thank you Caroline. As much as I enjoy St Paul’s, there is something magical about hearing the drums coming from afar! I shall miss the colour and noise but looking forward to coming home to my london friends.

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